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I am new bee to sencha touch. I have started with few samples and now kindda familiar with store model and few other UI controls. As i am not a web developer I feel difficult most of the times to understand the small small things.

Now, I want to design a image gallery for iPhone using sencha Touch and java script. Please give me some sample of the layouts that i have to use. The images used will be fetched from my content server.

I got some example here Sencha Touch Gallery. but it uses php scripts which i cant understand. Please guild me to start with it.

enter image description here

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This is not about PHP.

First try to load statik images as you want. After that you could take any image lists with stores from server.

I do not think there is a component which creates a layout like example given by you above. But you could create with using some different components together.

Did you see this example

In my opinion you must start developing some screens and then ask questions about problems you faced.

Best wishes.

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