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I'm very new to VBA and I'm stuck with a problem that probably has an easy solution.

In Cell A1 I have a string "UP 5487441 - some more text". I'd need to get only "OUP5487441" (yes without the space and text) to another worksheet into cell C3.

I have digged around a lot to find a solution for this but I only keep finding functions but I need it to be a part of a bigger VBA macro that's to be used for several files. But the data is always in cell A1.

If anyone has any tips I'm very thankful!



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This should work:

Dim splitValues() as String

splitValues = Split(ActiveSheet.Cells(1,1).Value)

Sheet2.Cells(3,3).Value = splitValues(0) & splitValues(1)

Obviously, you can make this considerably more robust when you add it to your existing code, but this is the general strategy to use.

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Thanks very much! Works like a charm! –  Sanved Nov 29 '11 at 16:53

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