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I have a EKCalendarChoosere which allows me to select calendars. I see the calendars and the delegate methods (EKCalendarChooserDelegate) get called. However when I access the selected calendars property of the calendar chooser they are always null. Does one need to manually add them or does the chooser handle that? Thanks in advance

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If you still are interested in why the calendarChooserSelectionDidChange method returns a NULL result for selectedCalendars. I was having the same issue.

When calendarChooserSelectionDidChange delegate method gets called, if the EKCalendarChooser is setup using EKCalendarChooserSelectionStyleSingle everything works perfectly. But if it's setup for EKCalendarChooserSelectionStyleMultiple, the calendarChooserSelectionDidChange delegate method fires, but the calendarChooser.selectedCalendars will return NULL, unless you set the NSSet of calendars for the EKCalendarChooser when setting it up i.e.: detailViewController.selectedCalendars = mySelectedCalendars; or detailViewController.selectedCalendars = [NSSet setWithArray:[eventStore calendars]];

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I am having an issue in how you would implement this. Could you maybe include your code for the solution? I am desperate!!!!! haha – jsetting32 Apr 30 '13 at 20:26

Seems it is not necessary to populate the NSSet, just alloc-init it (in EKCalendarChooser's viewDidLoad): EKCalendarChooser multiple selection does not work

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