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I'm using TeamCity Professional for building and testing my code continually.

I have some MSTest based tests that work fine in VS2010 on my PC but fail on the build server.

I snooped around and discovered that upon testing, TeamCity creates a temporary directory in it's TEMP_DIR (configurable) and copies only the "first relation" dependencies to the test DLL.

For instance: my test uses NHibernate.dll which is copied to the temp directory but its dependencies (i.e NHibernate.ByteCode.Castle) don't get copied, and the test fails with an IO.FileNotFound exception.

Is there any way I can just run the tests from the test projects output directory (Test/bin/debug)?

If not, how can I specify which DLLs should be copied to the temp directory?

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You can add a TestSettings file in your solution that will describe all the files to deploy.

First, add a TestSettings file. Open it, and in the "Deployment" tab, add all the file you need (your .dll). Then on TeamCity, in the MSTest build step, specifiy the TestSettings file to use in the "Additional command parameters" area. Exemple: "/testsettings:Local.Testsettings"

This way, all the files you specify in the deployment items will be copied in the temp directory.

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Excellent, this saved my day, you da man! – Ricardo Rodrigues Jan 24 '12 at 14:10
This helped me out - thanks! Two notes that might help others: First, I was able to specify the xxx.Testsettings file in the "MSTest run configuration file:" for the TeamCity settings. Second, this field expects the path to the file from the working directory in TeamCity, which is essentially the top level of your repository. – ruttopia Jun 10 '14 at 12:32

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