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I have a UITabBarController with a UITabBar in my iPhone app. I would like to remove the "selected" look of the current viewcontroller, so they all have the same black tint. Anybody know how to do this?

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Theres no logical concept for having non of the tabs selected. And apple has not built a function to deselect all tabs. –  Jonas Schnelli Nov 29 '11 at 15:38
Do you mean, you still want the icon colour to be different, but the rest of the background of the tab bar to remain the same colour? –  jrturton Nov 29 '11 at 15:57

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I had the same problem a while back ago. You can remove the whole thing and draw it again? I think that´ll work.

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Well, with iOS 5 there is now UIAppearance which will let you customize the looks of standard controls. BUT, and that is a very VERY BIG BUT: why? Seems odd to say the least.

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