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Is it possible to selectively filter which records Django's dumpdata management command outputs? I have a few models, each with millions of rows, and I only want to dump records in one model fitting a specific criteria, as well as all foreign-key linked records referencing any of those records.

Consider this use-case. Say I had a production database where my User model has millions of records. I have several other models (Log, Transaction, Purchase, Bookmarks, etc) all referencing the User model. I want to do development on my Django app, and I want to test using realistic data. However, my production database is so enormous, I can't realistically take a snapshot of the entire thing and load it locally. So ideally, I'd want to use dumpdata to dump 50 random User records, and all related records to JSON, and use that to populate a development database.

Is there an easy way to accomplish this?

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Good question. And sometimes you also want to strip some fields (like passwords and so on) if you want to make this test data public. – Mitar Nov 29 '11 at 15:52

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I think django-fixture-magic might be worth a look at.

You'll find some additional background info in Scrubbing your Django database.

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I had to tweak this code somewhat, and even then it's a bit inefficient, but this generally works for me. – Cerin Jun 14 '12 at 14:04

This snippet might be helpful for you (it follows relationships and serializes them):

You could use also that management command and override the default managers for whichever models you would like to return custom querysets.

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This isn't a simple answer to my question, but I found some interesting docs on Django's built-in natural keys feature, which would allow representing serialized records without the primary key. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like this is fully integrated into dumpdata, and there's an old outstanding ticket to fully rely on natural keys.

It also seems the serializers.serialize() function allows serialization of an arbitrary list of specific model instances.

Presumably, if I implemented a natural_key() method on all my models, and then called serializers.serialize([Users.objects.filter(criteria)]), it should come close to accomplishing what I want. I might have to write a function to crawl all the FK references, and include those in the list of objects passed to serialize().

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