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Is there a zip libary which will zip and unzip, with password protection ?

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I believe the answer to your question with examples is found here: stackoverflow.com/questions/8150185/… –  Haaakon Nov 29 '11 at 15:48
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Take a look at ZipArchive. It supports password protection.

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Try Objective-ZIP. Simple to use, works on Mac OS X and iOS, and has support for password-protected ZIP archives. It's also pretty efficient.

EDIT: The google code link is a 404 now. I think this is the new URL for the same project: https://github.com/flyingdolphinstudio/Objective-Zip

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Just to clarify for others looking into this solution. Just spent the past 3 days screwing around with this library. It has some major issues with password support, and I do NOT recommend as of the time of this writing. –  Tim Nov 27 '12 at 10:48
it does work. pull down the latest –  ngb Aug 3 '13 at 13:35
How does it? I got the project from git on 6 Feb 2014. what should we use as crc32: ? I have tried a lot but when I try to open the zip with an app on my Mac, it says that the password is wrong. –  Giorgos Ath Feb 7 at 11:58
This is a very old answer, but it comes as my first search result, so I'm leaving this: Objective-Zip defines NOCRYPT and NOUNCRYPT to disable encryption since it's considered weak."Weak encryption code in MiniZip library was explicitly disabled by removing crypt.h and defining NOCRYPT and NOUNCRYPT" –  ASalazar Feb 14 at 0:40
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Question is old but I hope this library can help someone SSZipArchive

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