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I was trying to create a puzzle where a box when moved onto a pressure plate opens a gate. When I get the box onto the pressure plate I was trying to pass a Boolean to the gate telling it to open. Is this the correct way of achieving my goals?

I have unity version 3.4 it is not pro and i'm coding in C#.

Any help appreciated as I have just started trying to learn unity.

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Let's say your gate game object has the name MagicGate in your hierarchy view and has a script component assigned of type GateController containing the following code:

public class GateController : MonoBehaviour {
    // Awake(), Update(), ...
    public void OpenGate ();

    public void OpenGate () {
      // code for opening the gate

There is another class maybe GameStatusController where you detect that the box is at the magic pressure plate (Colliders are useful for this). There you do:

GameObject player = GameObject.Find ("MagicGate");
GateController gateController = player.GetComponent<GateController> ();
gateController.OpenGate ();
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Thank you very much. Would GameStatusController be assigned to anything in the hierarchy or can scripts run without being assigned to anything? –  Dave Nov 30 '11 at 23:10
Not necessarily, it depends on what you want to do: If you need full access to game objects hierarchy and have to rely onn the right timing, you should assign them. All others I keep outside. Often it's OK to have a non-MonoBehaviour class and let it be called by others under Unity control. –  Kay Dec 1 '11 at 8:17

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