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I'm trying to upload a file and change its name below. I need to get the file extension. The code below has a underline under "Path" am I missing a using statement? Or what is the correct syntax for what I'm doing?

if (FileUpload1.HasFile)
    var FileExtension = Path.GetExtension(FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName).Substring(1);                    

    var newName = DateTime.Now.ToLongDateString();
    //Map path to folder
    string realpath = Server.MapPath("Pictures\\") + Guid.NewGuid() + FileExtension;                      


    Label1.Text = "File name: " +
        FileUpload1.PostedFile.FileName + "<br>" +
        FileUpload1.PostedFile.ContentLength + " kb<br>" +
        "Content type: " +
catch (Exception ex)
    //Handle the error
    throw ex;
    Label1.Text = "You have not specified a file.";
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"Path" am I missing a using statement?

You have to add

using System.IO; 

to the list of namespaces

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FileInfo fi = new FileInfo(fileName);
string ext = fi.Extension;
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The code you have provided looks fine (and works on my machine).

The only thing I can see that you might be missing is the using statement for System.IO.

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