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1-I'm reading about developing Blackberry applications development on Blacberry developpers web site, but the reading make me more confuse.

Please, I would like to know the difference between:

BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse [v1.5],
BlackBerry Java SDK [v7.1], and
BlackBerry JDE [v5] Component Pack.

2-I've installed the following; what do I need now to develop a Hello World Blacberry application with eclipse 3.7?

BlackBerry Java Plug-in  net.rim.EclipseJDE.feature.group    Research In Motion Ltd.
BlackBerry Java SDK net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack7.1.0.feature.group   Research In Motion
BlackBerry Java SDK    net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack7.0.0.feature.group   Research In Motion
BlackBerry Java SDK    net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack6.0.0.feature.group   Research In Motion
BlackBerry Java SDK    net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack5.0.0.feature.group   Research In Motion
BlackBerry Java SDK    net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack4.7.0.feature.group   Research In Motion
BlackBerry Java SDK    net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack4.6.1.feature.group   Research In Motion
BlackBerry Java SDK    net.rim.ejde.feature.componentpack4.6.0.feature.group   Research In Motion

Mobile Tools for Java  org.eclipse.mtj.feature.group   Eclipse.org - DSDP
Mobile Tools for Java Examples  org.eclipse.mtj.examples.feature.group  Eclipse.org - DSDP
Mobile Tools for Java SDK  org.eclipse.mtj.sdk.feature.group   Eclipse.org - DSDP

Thank you

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1 Answer

It looks like you have everything you need, and some stuff you don't.

Here's what each bit does:

  • BlackBerry Java Plug-in for Eclipse - Adds the BlackBerry Development perspective, BlackBerry menu and various other useful features into Eclipse. In practice it means you can test, package, sign and deploy your BlackBerry app without delving into the command line.

  • BlackBerry Java SDK - The tools (Software Development Kit) you need to build for a particular version of the BlackBerry OS. For example, the v5 of the SDK enables you to build applications which run on BlackBerry OS5 and above. Most importantly it includes the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) which you will build your app against.

  • Blackberry Java JDE - The BlackBerry JDE (Java Development Environment) is a legacy, stand-alone development environment that contains similar tools. You don't need this if you're using the Eclipse plug-in.

To build a Hello World application in Eclipse go to File->New->BlackBerry Project, follow the wizard and choose Hello BlackBerry as the project template. Once created choose Run (Ctrl+F11), the simulator should load with your app installed on the home screen (or in the Downloads folder on OS5 and below).

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