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This question is for any expert on White Framework.

What's White Framework?

As you can see here in http://white.codeplex.com/ , it's a powerful framework for automatic functional tests.

Fact: Actually, framework is intended to work with calling strongly typed control which are present in a form.

Question: It's possible to get a PRECISE control by using the mouse coordinates?

Possible Way: I have actually found a possible solution, but it lacks of perfomance, of course. The way is:

1: Get Window

2: Get all controls of window ( filtered by Text/Edit/Button Control Types )

3: with linq get the control which actual Bounds (x,y,width,height) contains the mouse location

Better Way:




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It looks to be a framework in its intial stages to attempt automatic functional testing of Windows Forms, WPF Windows, all the required information is on the website you provided. –  Ramhound Nov 29 '11 at 16:19
Yes, but I couldn't find this PRECISE way :( and I was wondering if someone know a better one –  Luca Trazzi Nov 29 '11 at 16:21

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The framework allows you to get detailed GUI information, using easy syntax, as below.

var control = this.GetChildAtPoint(MousePosition);
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White is a way to GUI test applications using the UIAutomation library. Think of it as a 'friendlier' way to use the UIAutomation framework (which is very unfriendly).

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