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I did not find a solution. I created a new repository, checked it out, copied all my files from the working copy into it (15000 files!) and did a commit. I lost all the history...

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Do you have access to the raw repository? you can verify if the revision is missing by going into the repository folder, then under the db folder and you will see a series of folders. For rev 262 it will be in a folder '0' which contains all of the revisions from 0-999. It is possible to remove revisions from repositories with care. We have done this when a file or files were committed that for whatever reason were not supposed to be part of the repo. You can delete them using svn commands, but they can still be retrieved by specifying a revision. Is it possible that someone could have done an operation like this?

Word of caution- Mucking in the repository can cause problems even if you know what you are doing? You may want to make a copy of the repo prior to investigating to keep from corrupting it in case things go awry.

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THanks for the answer.I'm the only user of that repository (personal projects) and yes I have full access, and as I've indicated db/revs/0/262 is missing. –  dargaud Nov 29 '11 at 17:51
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