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I there a way to wrap_content on a specific element inside of a parent element? For instance, I have something like the following layout:

<RelativeLayout width:match height:wrap>
  <ImageView width:match height:wrap scale:fitXY />
  <LinearLayout width:wrap height:wrap>

The parent wrap constraint is very loose, but I want it to specifically use the matching width, but always match the height of the image view.

The problem here arises when I place this view in another RelativeLayout where each view is aligned above or below another in order to fill a potentially changing superview. LinearLayout didn't really seem to stretch things to fill, so I switched to Relative, but when I did, the view described above stretched vertically when I want it to still match the height of the image view.

Is there a good solution to this problem?

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You could try putting the following (pseudocode) in the onResume() method:

if(myRelativeLayout.height > myImageView.height)

You need to make sure to call myRelativeLayout.measure() before you do this, so the system knows what the size of the Views will be.

Just an idea for you to try, let me know if it works :)

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Since this is a self-contained compound component, I would probably want to put this in onLayout(). However, there does not appear to be a setHeight() method on RelativeLayout. I did try overriding onMeasure() and using setMeasuredDimension(this.getMeasuredWidth, this.subview.getMeasuredHeight() and a number of other variations on this, but none of them work. Either it does nothing or the whole view disappears. – Josh Kovach Dec 1 '11 at 15:19

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