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I have a native python bridge to some C code, which returns a pointer to an array (array of structs). The struct contains some character arrays (strings). But how can I get from a c_char_p_Array_NNN to an actual Python string?

typedef struct td_Group
    unsigned int group_id;
    char groupname[256];
    char date_created[32];
    char date_modified[32];
    unsigned int user_modified;
    unsigned int user_created;
} Group;

int getGroups(LIBmanager *, Group **);

############# python code below: 
class Group(Structure):
    _fields_ = [("group_id", c_uint),
                ("groupname", c_char_p*256),
                ("date_created", c_char_p*32),
                ("date_modified", c_char_p*32),
                ("user_modified", c_uint),
                ("user_created", c_uint)]

def somefunc():
    myGroups = c_void_p()
    count = libnativetest.getGroups( nativePointer, byref(myGroups) )
    print "got " + str(count) + " groups!!"
    myCastedGroups = cast( myGroups, POINTER(Group*count) )
    for x in range(0,count):
        theGroup = cast( myCastedGroups[x], POINTER(Group) )
        theGroupName = theGroup.contents.groupname 
        ### Now how do I access theGroupName as a python string?
        # it is a c_char_p_Array_256 presently
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The type should be c_char*256, not c_char_p*256, because it's a char[256], not a char *[256].

string_at(theGroupName, sizeof(theGroupName))

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