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Solution doesn't work

Well after wasting an entire day learning front end web development, I have places the progress bar into an iframe which is launched inside the jquery dialog, expecting the ajax get requests to begin working from that page. Unfortunately I receive exactly the same behaviour.

Problem found

When you press continue, a form is submitted. As soon as this is done and a request is sent to the server, it prevents all other ajax calls from working. Seems like a bug in webkit with no currently suggested solution:


I have the following code:

 $(document).everyTime("3s", function() {
      $.get('uploadProgressServlet.jsp', {queue : 'parse'}, function(data){           
            <!-- Do something -->

This works fine in ie and firefox, but when I debug in chrome I hit the $.get method but never the inner function, and then when I look at the get tab I can't see any httprequest being sent to the server. You should know I am not a front end web developer so may be missing something very obvious.


So here is all my code. It looks like everything behaves as it should, but once I undo commenting of $('continue').click ... I just see the the dialog appear without anything requests being sent to the server and no errors in the console.

var lock = false;
var processing = false;

        modal : true,
        closeOnEscape : false,
        open: function() {


            //Poll place in the queue every seconds
            $(document).everyTime("1s", function() {
                if(!lock) {
                    lock = true;
                    if(!processing) {
                        $.get('uploadProgressServlet.jsp', {queue : 'parse'}, function(data){
                            if(data <= 0) {
                                processing = true;
                                    value: 0
                    else {
                        $.get('uploadProgressServlet.jsp', {process : 'parse'}, function(data){
                                value: parseInt(data == -1 ? 0 : data)
                    lock = false;

// });

So without the click method being active, a request is sent to the server and a response is received saying whether a process is in a queue or not. When it is determined to not be in the queue an animation of a progress bar appears which polls the progress at the back end incrementing itself depending on what percentage complete it is.

When click is active, on it's invocation a dialogue appears with no content, and debugging the back end shows that new request is received any more. There are no errors in the console.


Turns out this is a problem with webkit rather than chrome in particular.

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have you tried running the function code ($.get...) directly?, maybe there is something surrounding it that is tripping up Chrome. Plus, are you getting any javascript errors in Chrome's console? (Press F12 and click the Console tab - see if there are any errors) –  Mike Nov 29 '11 at 17:04
Hi, I have looked and there are no errors in the console. I will investigate the surrounding code. –  mogronalol Nov 30 '11 at 9:14
what the Jquery version you have ! I faced a problem like that with jquery 1.5 and after I updated it to 1.7 everything working now ! –  Al-Mothafar Nov 30 '11 at 11:01
I am using version 1.7 –  mogronalol Nov 30 '11 at 11:19
There doesn't seem to be a question here. You've found the bug you seem to be running up against. Are you looking for a workaround, confirmation that the bug is definitely why your stuff isn't working or something else? –  Chris Nov 30 '11 at 17:24

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