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How can we destroy active accordion with all the content is have in it.

I started with this function

function DesctroyThisAccordion() {
var active = jQuery("#accordion").accordion('option', 'active');
 jQuery("#accordion").accordion('option', 'active').remove('h3');
jQuery("#accordion").accordion('option', 'active').remove('div');

I am using jQuery UI plugin for accordion

I am trying to find the active accordion and delete its h3 and div content.

i works if i select the last in accordion


But i want it for active accordion

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I used:

$("#myAccordion).accordion("destroy");    // Removes the accordion bits
$("#myAccordion").empty();                // Clears the contents

If you only empty the accordion container, it still retains accordion properties and will not be reusable as an accordion. Here's the destroy documentation.

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Since i didn't find any help on this question. I found solution, which may be helpful for any who are in same need.

jQuery("div[class^='ui-accordion-content'][style^='display: block;']").remove('div');
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