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I am installing SQL Server 2008R2 with Powershell.

Below is the command

function install{

Invoke-Expression $Command 

When i call this install function, SQL installation is happenening but nothing is displayed in the Powershell console though i put Indicateprogress in the above installation string. How can we display logging of sql server installation. Is it possible to redirect the output to any control like Richtextbox using Powershell.

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Some of your command options contain spaces, for eg:

/INSTALLSHAREDDIR=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server

wrap them in quotes like this:

`"/INSTALLSHAREDDIR=C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server`"

note the use of the backtick character (`) to escape the quote within the string.

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/q means quite install, right?

Here's the command I use to run SQL 2008 R2 installs:

$command += 'setup.exe /CONFIGURATIONFILE=`"$configFile`" /SAPWD=`"$sysadminPassword`" /SQLSVCPASSWORD=`"$servicePassword`" /AGTSVCPASSWORD=`"$servicePassword`" /FTSVCPASSWORD=`"$servicePassword`" /ISSVCPASSWORD=`"$servicePassword`"'

Invoke-Expression $command
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