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Our dev and corporate sites have a slightly different frame hierarchy.

Very occasionally I need to reference an element in a different frame.

Unfortunately, I don't know where that frame will be in the hierarchy. I do however know it's id.

How can I find a frame or the specific element, when I don't know the exact structure?

For clarification In dev, it's basically just a page, containing a frame. I'm in the context of the frame, and was just using to get the document I wanted.

In prod, the nesting is different, doesn't work, as it is inside of two other frames.

I can't change this structure, it's just how our application portal works.

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maybe you could try traversing all the frames. you will either need to use a breadth-first or depth-first search depending on how deep the frame nesting will be. pass it the root originally.


function frameSearch(elementId,frames){
      if (!(frames)) {return "element not found";}
           var $elementFound = this.find("#"+elementId);
           if ($elementFound){
               return $elementFound;
           var newFrames = this.find("frame");
           if (newFrames) {frameSearch(elementId,newFrames);}

I'm not 100% sure of the correctness of this recursive algorithm but this is the right idea I believe.


if you need to find the topmost parent, try:

 var $currentDocument = $("document");
    while ($currentDocument.parent()){
         if ($currentDocument.find("#"+yourElementId)){
              $yourElement = $currentDocument.find("#"+yourElementId);
         $currentDocument = $currentDocument.parent();

    if (!($yourELement)){
        $yourElement = frameSearch(yourElementId,$("frame"));

this will check upwards first, then downwards if that doesn't work

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If the iframe is from the same domain, the elements are easily accessible via jQuery as


There are a few exceptions Here about foreign domain:

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If you know the id of the frame you can just use id selector and contents() method to find the elements within the iframe. Try this

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i don't think this will work for a frame within a frame which is the problem no? –  Evan Nov 29 '11 at 18:12
I believe this only works going down the tree, not back up –  CaffGeek Nov 29 '11 at 18:15
This will look for elements within the selected iframe. –  ShankarSangoli Nov 29 '11 at 18:19

this worked for me...


        if ( $(USERNAME, test_frame).length==1 ) {


$(USERNAME, detail_frame).val(username);
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