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I would like to create a small android application (for testing purposes) that is able to tether host android device's wifi connection (not 3G) to another android device. I've looked at a number of tethering solutions and all of them seem to only tether the 3G connection of the host phone. Due to some restrictions of the project, I cannot use the ad-hoc mode. Is there a way to do it on android 2.2 without using ad-hoc and without wifi-direct capabilities?

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First you have to show, what you have done so far, than we can suggest you the exact solution which best match to your requirement. –  Hitesh Patel Feb 18 '12 at 17:31

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old thread and I might be way late, but try bluetooth

Some examples of Android <-> PC, but I don't see why Android <-> Android isn't possible.

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