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I need to access my data stored in the Paradox database.

I have installed Datadirect drivers for accessing the paradox database and have configured the User DSN and System DSN data source connections as mentioned in all the manuals.

I still am not able to connect to my Paradox database and get :

Network Initialization error, Cannot connect to file.

I currently have :

> Control Panel>Administrative Tools> ODBC Datasource> Drivers> Datadirect Paradox 6.0 

Is there anyway I can test whether my Datadirect drivers have been installed correctly? I could not find anywhere how to do the same.

Any help or advise on how I can test the the drivers would be very helpful.

Thank you.

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If you find the driver name under ODBC Datasource> Drivers, the driver has been installed successfully, the error you got leads to a problem reaching database over the network.

Check your connection string and if the file you pointing is really reachable ...

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The file I am pointing to is located in my C:\. I set the connection to C:\ by creating a ODBC Datasource>User DSN and Odbc datasource>System DSN. I do a "test connection" and it turns out to be successful. Still does not connect. I typed out address manually for any database folder in the explorer window of my machine and it is reachable. –  JJunior Nov 29 '11 at 22:28

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