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I'm attempting to using Sphinx in my CMS as a sitewide search. Since each model in the CMS has different fulltext fields, I've created an index per model. However, according to Sphinx's forum, searching over multiple indexes with different schema is not supported.

How are you CMS guys using Sphinx for your general site search? Performing a call to Sphinx per model and keeping track of pagination offsets? Creating one huge index with an index field per model/field? Is there some other solution I'm not thinking of?

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You probably solved this long time ago, but well...

You cannot cover multiple indexes with different Schema in one single call to ->Query(), but you can execute multiple queries with AddQuery() and RunQueries()

So, instead of calling

->Query( 'keywords' , ( 'schemaA', 'schemaB', 'schemaC' ) )

You do:

->AddQuery('keywords' , ( 'schemaA') );
->AddQuery('keywords' , ( 'schemaB') );
->AddQuery('keywords' , ( 'schemaC') );

You will get an array of results, one for each query. Then in your search results page you could display the results separated by 'type' (or schema) like:

___ RESULTS PAGE _______

Searching for "blue"...

--- we found 23 results in cars ----

  • car 1
  • car 2
  • car 3
  • ..

--- we found 2 results in houses ----

  • house 1
  • house 2
  • house 3
  • ..

_ (end) RESULTS PAGE _____

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