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I am attempting to persist additional entities in a @PostPersit method from a domain class.

As the @PostPersist method is on the domain class I do not have access to any of the service classes/entityManager - to get around this I am using the ApplicationService (singleton) which has the service classes autowired in:

    public void createNotification() {
        Notification n = new Notification();

The ApplicationService method just invokes a method in the Autowired service class:

public void sendNotifications(Notification n) {

The service class is a standard spring annotated service class and has a transactional method that creates and persists new objects

public void distributeNotifications(Long accountId, Notification n) {

However, the additional entity is never being persisted - Can anyone advise where the above is going wrong? Am I mis-understanding the transactional boundaries in hibernate?


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The reason probably lies in the fact that you create the singleton yourself? Shouldn't it be spring creating the instance so that it interprets the @Transactional annotation?

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Apologies, that was a bit misleading - its still a spring managed class and implements Springs ApplicationContextsAware interface (described more or less in the top two ansers here: stackoverflow.com/questions/129207/…) the getInstance() method uses the static app context to get the spring bean –  rhinds Nov 30 '11 at 9:11

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