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I had branched out from our QA branch on TFS, mapped it locally and tried making changes to the code locally. When trying to save my code changes, it gives me a warning saying that " the file is write-protected(read only). This has never happened before to me. We tried doing the same thing on my teammates workstation and it works fine for him. Is it a permissions issue....am I doing something wrong while branching out? I am connected to the right tfs server. I'm not sure what might be causing the files in the branch to be read only.

I'd highly appreciate your help on this. Thanks

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The reason could be that your solution went offline. What you can try is connect to your main TFS server, Load the solution then just goto File->SourceControl->go online. Hope this will solve your problem as it solved mine.. :-)

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Sorry guys...I'm going to have to answer my own question. It was the connection to our main tfs server. I connected to the backup tfs server and it works just fine. However, what is baffling is that my teammates can work with the main tfs server just fine.Only I can't.Still puzzled.

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