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I'm very new to redis and I'm trying to do the following inside a tranaction:

increment key add incremented value from before to a set

using redis commands it would be something like

i = incr "value"
sadd "set" i

Is there any redis command that would do that in one step with out needing two transactions and handling the value from the code (python code in my case)?

Many thanks

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Unfortunately you can't do that directly. You can use a MULTI/EXEC block to guarantee atomicity of the query in the following way:

do {
    WATCH value
    i = 1 + GET value
    set value i
    SADD set i
    result = EXEC
} while (result == nil)
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Thanks! WATCH was the missing piece. – MarcosPri Nov 30 '11 at 9:18

There is a GETSET ( command for Redis where you can get the "old" value of a variable and set it to a new on the same command.

Almost certain that there is no method to incr a value and add it to a set because they are different data types for redis.

Hope it helps!

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