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If I have a Web Server A which receives a request for a page/resource and I want to transfer the processing of that request to a different web server (B), is this possible in the ASP.NET web forms world?

I'm asking because if a user wants to click a page that serves up files, I want to analyse the http request and pick the closest server to them to serve up the file.


  1. User clicks hyperlink which is for www.a.com
  2. www.a.com receives request, checks whatever it has to, transfers serving file to www.b.com
  3. Client now receives content from www.b.com, not www.a.com

I basically do not want the file transfer to occur through www.a.com.


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Your best bet is to do a Response.Redirect with the url to the proper server.

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You need something like HAProxy, Windows NLB or BIG-IP F5. There are tons of options for this, but ASP.NET doesn't do load balancing, it runs underneath IIS which is a single instance web server.

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