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I have written a windows service application which is taking message from an IBM MQ Queue and processing it. The service works great on my system, but when I installed it on my dev machine it is not throwing any errors but still not doing anything.

I am logging events and got it down to the point where a call to MQQueueManager C# class is not returning a response back. I am not allowed to install the IDE on the server so I can't debug it locally on the machine.

I know this is really vague, but is there a way to figure out what is causing my code to fail? Or is it possible to debug the service remotely through my machine.

Any pointers will be greatly appreciated.


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You might look at running MQ trace to understand what's happening.

"strmqtrc -t all -t detail" is the command.

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here is is an artikel how to setup remote debugging: How to: Set Up Remote Debugging if this is not allowed, try to log anything to logfiles, i like NLog

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