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Is there a way to set the ID of a string in code, so I can call the string in other Activities by R.strings.codegenstring. I can't predefine them in the string.xml since there will be a variable amount of code generated strings.

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No. But you can define a String as static

public class A {
    public static String s;

    public void yourStringGeneratingFunction() {
        s = "blahblah";

And access it from another class by:

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Or, simply give your string a value on declaration, e.g. public static final String s = "BLAH"; – Felix Nov 30 '11 at 13:57

No, there no way. To call string by R.string.codegenstring you must define public static string variable in R class. But R class are built by Android during compiling and you shouldn't modify it.

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