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I'm starting a new stage in the development of an application, and this new step, I will use WCF. Starting studies, I saw that there are several ways to use this new architecture. I had my doubts especially if I should implement - Per call - Per session - A single session.

I want to describe the workings of what I have to do, and kindly ask you a suggestion on the best practice I should follow, where to find information and examples that I can run and build my work. The following is a summary of the operation:

A host will monitor all connections. When a customer opens the system, this will connect the host to create the session. When a customer makes a change in the data, send to the host which data (table) has changed. In the next step, the host would trigger a message to all other clients that are connected to relevant consultations and changed data, so that they automatically update their screens.

I hope I make it clear what I need to run.

Best Regards

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This is not really a question. What specifically are you having a problem with? –  Valamas - AUS Nov 29 '11 at 21:12
It really is not a problem. I asked for suggestions and examples that I could implement something. Details that I want to resolve the situation and asked for guidance. –  Gustavo Gonçalves Dec 1 '11 at 20:44

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