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I'm trying to define a local resource in my xaml which is supposed to be the width of my cells, so rather than going:

<Setter Property="ColumnStretchMinWidth" Value="75"/>
<Textbox Width="75" />
<ColumnDefinition Width="*" MinWidth="75" />

I can go

<Setter Property="ColumnStretchMinWidth" Value="{StaticResource MinCellWidth}"/>
<Textbox Width="{StaticResource MinCellWidth}" />
<ColumnDefinition Width="*" MinWidth="{StaticResource MinCellWidth}" />

But when I define this constant, I get binding errors saying it can't cast. When I go

<System:String x:Key="MinCellWidth">"75"</s:String>

I get an error saying it can't convert from String to Double for some controls. When I go

<System:Double x:Key="MinCellWidth">"75"</s:Double>

I get an error saying it can't convert from Double to string for other controls (like the ColumnDefinition, where "*" widths are allowed).

What is the magic type of the hardcoded ="75" that lets it be converted to the appropriate type for each control. How can I define a resource that can be used in all these different places?

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possible duplicate of Using system types in XAML as resources – Sohnee Nov 30 '11 at 17:18
@Sohnee - Doesn't matter now, because this question is answered, but the other question was looking for the type that worked for ColumnDefinitions. I was looking for a solution that allowed a constant to be used for all these types - not just ColumnDefinitions. – Alain Dec 6 '11 at 3:58
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The magic type of ColumnDefinition.Width is GridLength, and it needs a resource of that type. Just as TextBox.Width needs a double.

<s:Double x:Key="minCellWidth">55</s:Double>
<sw:GridLength x:Key="minGridWidth">55</sw:GridLength>
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Strange - I thought that since I could enter it plainly in the xaml (without any sort of type definition) that there was some sort of variant type for xaml. Okay, so I'll need two constants - but if the textbox width is "Auto" how can I get fit that into a double constant? I know that when you set Width="Auto", the width is stored as NAN, but that doesn't happen automatically in the same way when "Auto" is assigned to the cellWidth StaticResource. – Alain Nov 30 '11 at 13:10
Can't You use <sys:Double x:Key="minCellWidth">NaN</sys:Double>? – erikH Dec 5 '11 at 20:54

This does not have anything to do with the type of "75", it's a string, the thing is that string literals get converted using type converters.

This should work by the way as bindings apply type converters as well:

MinWidth="{Binding Source={StaticResource MinCellWidth}}"
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Now where I set the width to "Auto" I'm getting the error "Cannot convert Auto to GridLength". Using Auto directly (rather than as a StaticResource) works though. – Alain Nov 29 '11 at 21:20
@Alain: I edited my answer as i made a wrong assumption about the problem. As your question is What is the datatype of this width? i assumed you had problems with the ColumnDefinition.Width which is the only exotic type here. – H.B. Nov 29 '11 at 21:24
With MinWidth="{Binding Source={StaticResource MinCellWidth}}" how is MinCellWidth defined? I cannot find a way to define it that works for all three, yet the hard coded "75" works for all three. – Alain Nov 29 '11 at 21:26
@Alain: It's <sys:String>75</sys:String> (Drop the quotes, they belong to the XAML of attributes), double or int might work as well. – H.B. Nov 29 '11 at 21:27
<s:String x:Key="MinCellWidth">75</s:String> gives me a runtime error: Cannot convert the value in attribute 'MinWidth' to object of type 'System.Double'. '75' is not a valid value for property 'MinWidth'. Error at object 'System.Windows.Controls.ColumnDefinition' in markup file – Alain Nov 29 '11 at 21:28

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