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I'm using a twitter script which i'm binding a function to get the dynamic height of div#tweet, once the tweet has loaded.

But I then need to pass that variable into a .animate script after - this is what I got so far.

        count: 1,
        username: ["motocomdigital"],
        loading_text: "searching twitter...",
        intro_text: null,
        outro_text: null
    }).bind("loaded", function(){

        // this binded function is getting the height of tweet div once loaded...
        var tweetHeight = $("#tweet").height();


I then need to pass the variable tweetHeight into an animation script i'm running below. Simple I thought but I think I'm coding it slightly wrong.

    $latestTweet.hover(function() {
        // see variable in this is first alternation
        $latestTweet.stop().animate({ top: "-" + tweetHeight + "px", width: "512px", 
    }, function() {
        $latestTweet.stop().animate({ top: "-1px", width: "334px", backgroundColor: "#464848" }, 300);

Lets say the div#tweet height (once the twitter content is loaded) is 200px, I need the result of this variable to be...

$latestTweet.stop().animate({ top: "-200px", width: "512px",

Can anyone help me understand how write this correctly - I've even tried putting my animate scripts inside the binded function, but still its not passing the variable.


Ive just figured out why its giving the wrong height of the #tweet div! Its because my #tweet div has top and bottom padding, and the .height is not including those dimensions when creating the tweetHeight variable, see jsfiddle here

Does anyone know how I can add fixed pixel dimensions to my tweetHeight variable? For example an extra 50px?

The reason also why I'm binding it to the twitter javascript is because the height of the #tweet div is dynamic in height, hence the animation from the top position, always need the final height of the #tweet div to position it perfect. See for simplified demo jsfiddle here.

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You simply need to create a variable outside the function:

var tweetHeight = 200; // a default height
// here come's the $.tweet() code, and you should only assign the new value to the "tweetHeight" variable

//$latestTweet.stop().animate({ top: -tweetHeight ...


You can manipulate this extra pixels if you set the variable value using a function:

var tweetHeight = 200;
function setTweetHeight(h) {
    tweetHeight = h + 50;

Now use the function to assign the new value:

setTweetHeight( $('#tweet').height() ); // example
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ahh yeh but the tweet is dynamic, and i've literall just figure out my problem when doing the jsfiddle - the height it's retrieving of the div is not including my padding - do you now how i can add my top and bottom padding dimensions on my tweetHeight variable? Thanks http://jsfiddle.net/motocomdigital/c8Mey/ –  Joshc Nov 29 '11 at 21:54
updated jsfiddle (jsfiddle.net/motocomdigital/c8Mey/1) –  Joshc Nov 29 '11 at 22:13

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