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I am creating an application that is intended to run on 4.2+ ios devices. For aesthetic reasons, by default I would like to use Noteworthy font that has replaced Chalkboard font since iOS 4.3. I assume that in iOS 4.2 Noteworthy font is not available and I have to fallback to another font if user is running this version of the system? What is the best approach to do the fallback? Should i use

(UIFont *)fontWithName:(NSString *)fontName size:(CGFloat)fontSize

and check for nil return value?

Can I use noteworthy in my xib file or would doing so crash 4.2 device?

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I think i might have misread and apple might have replaced the font only in Notes application. It would make sense as introducing a breaking change like this would be a silly move from Apple. – Piotr Walat Nov 29 '11 at 22:34

You can check whether fontWithName:size: returns nil, or you can examine the array returned by [UIFont familyNames].

I don't know for sure if you will crash on 4.2, but the UILabel Class Reference says this:

The value for the property can only be set to a non-nil value; setting this property to nil raises an exception.

So a crash seems likely.

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I am using UITextView and setting nil doesn't seem to crash the app, but that is a good point. – Piotr Walat Nov 29 '11 at 22:25

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