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I'm trying to run an example code on Texas instrument (TI) device: MSP430F2274, when i click the debug button, this error occured:

Fatal Error: failed to initialize device.
Session aborted.

On the regular options of the project i chose the device and on the debugger options i choose "FET debugger".

Somebody know what is the problem maybe?



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Your FET debugger may have some issues. Try using another FET debugger to see if you have the encounter the same problem.

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i think this problem will come because of FET debugger or COM port selection.make sure that in options menu.u will see FETdebugger menu.in that u have to select perticular COM port number which you are using currently( instead of AUTOMATIC).if you are already select proper COM port.this problem may comes because of any fault in FET debugger.anyways you will check whether u have selected the following things or not in options menu. GENERAL OPTIONS: target:MSP430F2274,OUTPUT:executable,LIBRARY CONFIGURATION:CLIB DEBUGGER: DRIVER: FETDEBUGGER, RUN TO: main FET DEBUGGER: CONNECTION: texas instrument USB-IF,and select perticular COM port

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