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Some things that I personally find as shortcomings in the MATLAB Editor:

  • virtually no code completion available
  • does not run OS native (on MacOS) - but in X-Environment (shortcuts, copy&paste problems, keymappings, non intuitive window-managing)
  • virtually no refactoring tools

Are there alternative editors with these features?

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I'm using matlab 7.4 – mana Sep 17 '08 at 13:35
You should say which platform you're using. – Will Robertson Sep 17 '08 at 14:42
I'm using MacOS (10.5) – mana Sep 17 '08 at 20:49
In your version the Editor does not actually use X11 for any of its graphics. If there are specific refactorings you are looking for, please let us know through the website. – Mike Katz Mar 14 '09 at 14:21
Note that in more recent versions of Matlab, there is autocompletion of functions and variables, the editor runs as part of the java-frontend, and you can choose your own shortcuts. – Jonas Jun 22 '11 at 19:22
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You can use any editor you like in MATLAB by going to

File -> Preferences -> Editor/Debugger

and then change the radio button from 'MATLAB Editor' to 'Text editor' and the command for your editor of choice in there. I use this to launch gedit on my Linux box.

On the Mac-Specific side - it seems that there is a MATLAB bundle for TextMate

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We are developing an open source Matlab plugin for Eclipse which can be found at

It's been used internally for some time and cleaned up to release it to the public.

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That project appears to be dead. I see no commits in the last year. – Christopher Barber Mar 12 '13 at 16:05

There's also a TextMate bundle for MATLAB in the official repository. I keep a fork of it in [GitHub][1] too.

Incidentally, I recently became the maintainer, so I'm keen to get help and feedback from anyone who uses it. I've also tried to contact the author of the other bundle to get his changes pulled back into the mainline.

By far the easiest way to get working MATLAB/Octave support in TextMate is to use GetBundles. This is still in 'review', so you'll have to get this manually, but once you have, it's dead easy to search the Official SVN repo, and GitHub.

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I use emacs for MATLAB stuff, but then I use it for just about everything.

There's a MATLAB mode for emacs at but I've never tried it. I don't think it has any refactoring support.

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Has Emacs Matlab specific features? Code Completion? Refactoring, like "introduce variable"? – Mo. Sep 17 '08 at 13:37

I might be biased, but I use emacs for almost everything. There is a really good emacs mode on MATLAB Central,

I don't know if emacs meets all of your requirements, but it's a pretty powerful and customizable editor.

I've never used this, but here's an Eclipse Plugin that seems able to some MATLAB highlighting,

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Eclipse with the Colorer plugin has decent syntax highlighting.

It doesn't solve the code completion problem, but if you're used to Eclipse, you don't waste time trying to work with the somewhat clumsy keyboard shortcuts of the native editor.

(And I'm a firm believer in the Pragmatic Programmer's recommendation to "Use a Single Editor Well")

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Searching for change MATLAB shortcuts here on StackOverflow yields some results.

I know VS and Eclipse well and IMO MATLAB IDE does its job pretty good. It is the only one with:

  • reasonably auto-complete because it knows which functions are in the MATLAB path.
  • debugger and command window.
  • easy input -> easy output, like a scientific pocket calculator running on PC

With MATLAB (or say Python) the approach to coding is different then with VS or Eclipse for say C++ or Java. For example - with command window in MATLAB IDE you can evaluate almost everything. Together with debugger you can write new code pieces and evaluate them in succession, it's like exploring.

Being a dynamic language you also can not expect mach refactoring. So from a practical viewpoint it makes sense that MATLAB IDE is the way it is. Also the problems solved with MATLAB are different from these were Java is used.

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The lack of intellisense is a bit baffling. Visual Studio's editor makes Matlab 2012B's look positively Elizabethan. If I access a structure in Matlab, why doesn't it use Intellisense to drop down a list of potential items in the structure when I hit the dot? – Contango Nov 1 '12 at 13:15

I just wanted to add that r2011b adds the ability to rename variables- a very small but often helpful feature.

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