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Good afternoon

I have not worked much with Html and Layout , and now i am working with JSP. I want to build a simple page with four horizontal tabs. Each time a user click on a tab a complete different page should appear : My question is : What is the best way to implement ? Something like this ?(this could be someting like header template)

>  <ul id="tablist">
>         <li><a class="current" href="/action1">Tab0</a></li>
>         <li><a href="/action2">Tab1</a></li>
>         <li><a href="/action3">Tab2</a></li>
>         <li><a href="/action4">Tab3</a></li>
>        </ul>

Or should i use one specific tag library? Or something completely different ?

I am new to this , so sorry because i know that this a very newbie question. Thanks in advance Best regards developer community

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I know absolutely nothing about jsp so this may not be the answer you're looking for but if you want to have a horizontal list it would be easiest to do it with css... So you have the html code then in your css you would have...

#tablist {
  list-style: none;              /* Gets rid of bullet points  */

#tablist li {
  display: inline;               /* IMPORTANT makes the list horizontal  */

Those are the two more important ones. With css you can make more aesthetic changes but this will accomplish the horizontal line of links.

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