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I am having a problem accessing the UPDATE function after sending an index greater than 6. I'm not sure why this happens, it works fine up until that point. Below is the code... I will appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

<div class="info_01">MACHINE ID:<br />
    <select id="mach_id">
        <option>M-001</option>    // options are auto populated from a database
        <option>M-002</option>    // a total of about 80 options are loaded


// jQuery
// gets the index of the option selected and calls update function
// every time the option is changed
    var mid = $("#mach_id option:selected").index();


// jQuery
// this function updates the machine data and product data based upon
// if it is updating machine or product and the index of option.
function UPDATE(a,b){
    if(a == 1){
        // MACHINE DATA
        $("#mach_tp").html(tMach[b][1]);    // sets machine type
        $("#mach_mk").html(tMach[b][2]);    // sets machine make
    if(a == 2){
        // PRODUCT DATA
        // CODE HERE


// Database File
// This is what is saved in the database and gets called into the tMach[][]
// tMach[row][column]
// col 0 = machine id
// col 1 = machine type
// col 2 = machine make
// =========
machine id, machine type, machine make
M-001, welder, Kabar 1000 1 kw
M-002, welder, Kabar 1000 2 kw
M-003, welder, Kabar 1000 3 kw
M-004, welder, Kabar 1000 4 kw
M-005, welder, Kabar 1000 5 kw
M-006, welder, Faratron 1000 1 kw
M-007, welder, Faratron 1000 2 kw
M-008, welder, Faratron 1000 3 kw
M-009, welder, Faratron 1000 4 kw
M-010, welder, Faratron 1000 5 kw
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check javascript console for errors? maybe the object tMach[b][2] is not defined for 6? –  albanx Nov 30 '11 at 0:12
All the data is read and can be accessed if you do an alert but it fails every time an index greater than 6 is passed. –  serge Nov 30 '11 at 0:22
Never mind about the question. As it turns out, java-script is limiting the machine value's ability to access data that is greater than the data pulled in from the product value. I am still not sure why this is but my guess is I have some bad code somewhere that is what is causing the limit to happen. As soon as i figure out the problem I will post the solution below for anyone that has a similar problem. Thank you all. –  serge Nov 30 '11 at 18:55
OK. So I finally figured out what the problem was. If you look at the UPDATE function, what I did was add a variable to the beginning that would only be declared once a = 2. This caused the problem. Once I moved the variable inside the second if statement everything started working correctly. So if you are having a similar issue, please look at your variable declaration and trace through your program to see when the variables get declared. This may be the cause of your problem. –  serge Dec 6 '11 at 0:40
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