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I am borrowing this code that was entering strings (user, message) into shoutbox table as strings in the database

function insertMessage($user, $message){
    $query = sprintf("INSERT INTO shoutbox(user, message) VALUES('%s', '%s');",

However, I am changing the data and actually inserting several different datatypes, (i.e. in the database they will be "strings" and "tinyint"). Function insertMessage is now going to be called with these many different _POST values

   echo insertMessage(

--drafting, advocacy, interview, letter, solicitor, barrister are going into the database as "tinyint" and need intval called on them to make them integers

--instructor and secret are both going into the database as "strings"

My questions are

a) how to mix the tinyint data (and call intval on it) with the strings while escaping the strings

b) is there a way to do this without building a mega long insert statement

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You don't have to call intval() on the values, mysql_real_escape_string() will work on numbers too (make sure you continue to quote them).

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but does mysql_real_escape convert the string to an integer? Is there a way to write the long insert statement in a compact way? –  Leahcim Nov 30 '11 at 0:56
@Michael: Which string? –  alex Nov 30 '11 at 1:03
MySQL will coerce whatever you give it to the proper datatype for the column (so you can give a TINYINT column a '1'), and the mysql driver will return everything from the database as a string. PHP programmers get astonishingly lazy about datatypes with MySQL. –  Francis Avila Nov 30 '11 at 1:23
@alex sorry about that...in the form, the values for "drafting, advocacy, interview, letter, solicitor, barrister" will all be 0 or 1 but they are technically "string"s, and I'm putting them into the database as type tinyint, so I was going to convert the strings 1 and 0 from the form to actual integers. make sense? –  Leahcim Nov 30 '11 at 2:52

PHP 5.2.0+ has a configurable filter extension that can help.


$sql_int = array(

$sql_string = array(
  'filter'     => FILTER_CALLBACK,
  'options'    => 'mysql_real_escape_string'

echo inputMessage(filter_input_array(INPUT_POST, array(
 'drafting'   => $sql_int,
 'advocacy'   => $sql_int,
 'interview'  => $sql_int,
 'letter'     => $sql_int,
 'solicitor'  => $sql_int,
 'barrister'  => $sql_int,
 'instructor' => $sql_string,
 'secret'     => $sql_string

function inputMessage(array $input) {
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Your function accepts 2 parameters and you're feeding it 8? That's not going to work.

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The function will accept an arbitrarily list of arguments, even if only two are named. See func_get_args(). –  alex Nov 30 '11 at 0:54
@alex: certainly, although not with his particular implementation. –  favoretti Nov 30 '11 at 0:57
sorry, the code in the first part is the code I borrowed, I haven't changed the number of parameters yet, but that's part of the point, I'm going to be putting 8 into the database, so I want to make it more compact. With only 2 paramaters currently, the function is kind of messy looking... –  Leahcim Nov 30 '11 at 2:54

You could use a simple function (or method) like this which will work for simple inserts. It will escape values and handle nulls. It can't handle functions though (like sha1( value ) for example )

function insertArray( $table, $data, $dbConn ) {
    $keys = array_keys( $data );

    foreach( $data as &$val ) {
        if( is_null( $val ) ) {
             $val = 'NULL';
        } else {
             $val = "'".mysql_real_escape_string( $val )."'";
    unset( $val );

    $sql = sprintf(
        'INSERT INTO `%s` (`%s`) VALUES (%s)',
        implode( '`, `', $keys ),
        implode( ', ', $data )

    //you probably want to handle errors here
    mysql_query( $sql, $dbConn );
    return mysql_insert_id( $dbConn );


$newId = insertArray(
        'drafting'   => $_POST['drafting'], 
        'advocacy'   => $_POST['advocacy'], 
        'interview'  => $_POST['interview'],
        'letter'     => $_POST['letter'],
        'solicitor'  => $_POST['solicitor'],
        'barrister'  => $_POST['barrister'],
        'instructor' => $_POST['instructor'],
        'secret'     => $_POST['secret']
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