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I am not sure how this has happened. but wherever I render the block of my main menu, it displays it's links horizontally rather vertically.

The deal is, with each of the themes that I have, the main menu renders itself horizontally, so I am assuming this is not a theme specific issue and more of a general issue.

Anybody with cues on whats happening here and how I can attempt to fix this ?


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It's most likely because the menu has the inline class which is set in system.menus.css. The simplest solution would be to add the following to your theme's CSS file:

#menu-wrapper-id ul li, #menu-wrapper-id ul.inline li {

You'll need to substitue #menu-wrapper-id for the real ID of the <div> that surrounds the main menu.

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adding to the question above...the theme is Bartik and the main-menu is actually disabled since I am not keen on the Bartik menu and would rather have my own main-menu, which I am essentially rendering in the 'featured' region, courtesy which, the main menu renders itself out there –  Parijat Kalia Nov 30 '11 at 1:03
I think the answer's probably still the same, you should target the <li> elements using CSS and set display:block; and probably float:none as well. Hope that helps –  Clive Nov 30 '11 at 1:05

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