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Is there a keyboard shortcut for the "Connect to Server" modal window in Microsoft SQL Server Server Management Studio?

The modal window that is displayed when you first opened up SQL Server Management Studio from the Start Menu or shortcut.

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F8 (Object Explorer), Alt + F (File Menu), E (Connect Object Explorer)

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only for ssms 2012

One work around that I found is to customize the listing of options on 'Query' menu bar and move the 'Change Connection...' option to the top under 'Query|Connection'. Once that is done, the keyboard shortcut would be,

'Alt' + 'Q', 'Right Arrow Key' then 'Enter key'.

Btw, to customize 'Query' to move 'Change Connection...' to the top:

  1. right click on 'Change Connection' icon
  2. Select 'Customize...'
  3. Select 'Commands' tab
  4. Select 'Query|Connection' from the 'Menu Bar' drop down
  5. Select 'Change Connection...' options in the 'Controls:' box and move it to the top.

Now, 'Alt' + 'Q', 'Right Arrow Key' then 'Enter key'. is ready to use. Without the customization, the shortcut would be 'Alt' + 'Q', 'Right Arrow Key', 'Up arrow key' then 'Enter key'.

Btw, to connect to object explorer, Alt + F, E works.

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Another way is to create a shortcut. For instance I use: Ctrl+K,Ctrl+O for this purpose.

  3. Write in Show Commands containing: Query.ChangeConnection
  4. Press shortcut keys (which is currently not used by any other action)
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This worked great for my query window. Wondering if there is a way to do this for the Object Explorer? Still upvoted it. –  John Waclawski Aug 10 at 18:56
Thanks. After some hit n trial, I figured out that you can assign another short cut key for this one. 1. Write in Show Commands containing: Query.ChangeConnection Use global Ctrl+O Ctrl+E (object explorer) 2. Write in "Show Commands containing" box: File.ConnectObjectExplorer Use Ctrl+K Ctrl+O Now you can use same key sequence (Ctrl+K Ctrl+O) for both places :) –  Amjad Aug 12 at 7:08
Edit: The shortcut Ctrl+O Ctrl+E was not a good idea (While opening the docs, it waits for other part of shortcut :(). Fix: Use any other shortcut key, no first part of which is currently used. –  Amjad Aug 12 at 9:09

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