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Please post if there is any example/steps to configuring external LDAP and execute LDAP queries on it.

I tried the following

  • creating Foreign JNDI Providers
  • Created remote and local JNDI names
  • from servlet client, I tried lookup using foreign jndi name, local and remote jndi names

Finally lookup with local name succeeded, unfortunately that tried to connect localhost:389. Not sure what went wrong.

Please help with any example.

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  1. Create a Foreign JNDI Provider.
  2. Initial context factory: com.sun.jndi.ldap.LdapCtxFactory (i was using openDS LDAP)
  3. Provider URL : "ldap://localhost:389"
  4. User as: cn=Directory Manager
  5. Password: give LDAP password.
  6. Properties:

  7. Create a Foreign JNDI link

    linkname : testLink
    localJndi : testLocalJNDI
    Remote JNDI :  dc=test,dc=org (LDAP BASE DN)

Now you can access the LDAP from your code using the "testLocalJNDI".

Cheers, Karai

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As I experienced, it is not possible to link a whole ldap tree under weblogic jndi. Foregin jndi link supports only side-by-side jndi object linkage.

I cannot understand the previous answer why gives a solution to this thread.

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