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am looking for a php api that can access social networks like facebook,myspace,orkut and so many more of them. I should be able to upload pictures and videos to my favourite social networking account and also post get updates from thems, change status, make comments and similar stuffs. Just wondering if there is anything like that or similar to it.


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Facebook, Orkut and MySpace all provide APIs for doing such tasks.

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I think he's asking for a single API that would modify multiple networks all at once, for crossposting purposes. Something that'd let him do a postPhoto() type call that would update all of them. Such a thing could easily be cobbled together with their various APIs, but I suspect he's looking for an already implemented app for doing so. – ceejayoz May 7 '09 at 1:05

Check out embedly. Their slogan is: One API to rule them all.

They have integrated over 100 services into their api. But I'm not sure that you can actually post through this API. But you can definitely get a lot of content.

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