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Is there a way to find out if a UIImage/(Or the image in any other format) is colored or monochrome? My app intends to read a UIImage(image stored in the Photo app), and then do different set of processing on the image, based on its colorscale (colored image or gray scale).

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What you are looking for is the color space of the UIImage. You can find the answer here.

The mono color spaces are

CFStringRef kCGColorSpaceGenericGray
CFStringRef kCGColorSpaceGenericGrayGamma2_2

Anything else is color.

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if (CGColorSpaceGetModel(CGImageGetColorSpace(myUIImage.CGImage)) == kCGColorSpaceModelMonochrome) {
    // Image is grayscale
} else {
    // Image allows color

Note that a "color" image might still only use shades of gray! A monochrome image can be stored in a color-supporting format.

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