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Can someone tell me what this means?

if (not defined $config{'crontab'}) {
  die "no crontab defined!";

I want to open a file crontab.txt but the perl script crashes at this line and I don't really know any perl.


It goes like this:

sub main()
    my %config = %{getCommandLineOptions()};
    my $programdir = File::Spec->canonpath (    (fileparse ( Win32::GetFullPathName($PROGRAM_NAME) ))[1] );
    my $logdir = File::Spec->catdir ($programdir, 'logs');
    $logfile = File::Spec->catfile ($logdir, 'cronw.log');

    $log = get_logger("cronw::cronService-pl");

    # if --exec option supplied, we are being invoked to execute a job
    if ($config{exec}) {
        execJob(decodeArgs($config{exec}), decodeArgs($config{args}));

    my $cronfile = $config{'crontab'};

    $log->info('starting service');
    $log->debug('programdir: '.$programdir);
    $log->debug('logfile: '.$logfile);
    if (not defined $config{'crontab'}) {
        $log->error("no crontab defined!\n");
        die "no crontab defined!";
        # fixme: crontab detection?
    $log->debug('crontab: '.$config{'crontab'});

And I'm trying to load this 'crontab.txt' file...

sub getCommandLineOptions()
my $clParser = new Getopt::Long::Parser config => ["gnu_getopt", "pass_through"];
my %config = ();
my @parameter = (   'crontab|cronfile=s',

$clParser->getoptions (\%config, @parameter);
if (scalar (@ARGV) != 0)  { $config{'unknownParameter'} = $true; }

return \%config;

Probably I have to give the script an argument

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What error do you get? – BoltClock Nov 30 '11 at 3:06
"no crontab defined! at line 410." – code-gijoe Nov 30 '11 at 3:08
Your code calls something named getCommandLineOptions() and assigns that to %config. That name strongly hints that perhaps your missing crontab setting is related to some command line argument that you are expected to supply. – Greg Hewgill Nov 30 '11 at 3:19
I believe you are right! – code-gijoe Nov 30 '11 at 3:25
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Probably I have to give the script an argument

I would say so.

$ script --cronfile=somefile

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Probably the file path of crontab.txt is expected in %config hash, pointed by the 'crontab' key, but isn't there! If so, a DIRTY solution CAN BE:

#if (not defined $config{'crontab'}) {
#   die "no crontab defined!";

but this may not work because there is something like $config{'prefix'} and what you will try to open is the path represented by the concatenation of both, or just because in $config{'crontab'} is expected any other value than full path!

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That code looks to see whether there is a key 'crontab' in the hash %config. If not, then it calls die and terminates.

If that's not what you expect to happen, then somewhere else in your script there should be something that is setting $config{'crontab'}, but there is not currently enough information in your question to determine what that might be.

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I think this is it, but as perl is like Klingon to me... I just want to tell the script where to find the file 'crontab.txt' – code-gijoe Nov 30 '11 at 3:10
Well, you could add a line $config{'crontab'} = "/path/to/crontab.txt"; before that code and see if that helps. – Greg Hewgill Nov 30 '11 at 3:11
my $cronfile = $config{'crontab'}; – code-gijoe Nov 30 '11 at 3:12

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