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I added lots of rewrite rules for tags in Magento. For example,

Request Path: tag/abc
Target Path: tag/product/list/tagId/7/
Type: Custom

Everything is going well in the request and response. But I am wondering how to change the tag URL in the front? Although the rewrite rules run perfectly it will not change the URL which has been rewritten.

I found the getTaggedProductsUrl() method in tag module and eventually, like others, it calls getUrl() method in core/url Model. I tried to add, '_use_rewrite' => true to the route params. But it does not generate the right URL.

I really would like to know what's wrong about this!

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If you rewrite the tag/tag model and override the getTaggedProductsUrl() with the following it will work:

public function getTaggedProductsUrl()
    $fullTargetPath = Mage::getUrl('tag/product/list', array(
        'tagId' => $this->getTagId(),
        '_nosid' => true
    $targetPath = substr($fullTargetPath, strlen(Mage::getBaseUrl()));
    $rewriteUrl = Mage::getModel('core/url_rewrite')->loadByIdPath($targetPath);
    if ($rewriteUrl->getId()) {
        return $rewriteUrl->getRequestPath();
    return $fullTargetPath;

This is assuming you are using the target path without the base url as the "ID path" and the "Target Path" property, e.g tag/product/list/tagId/30/.
If you don't want to duplicate that setting then you will need to use the tag resource model and manually adjust the SQL to match the target_path column instead the id_path, because the resource model doesn't come with a method predefined for you.
Still, you can use the Mage_Tag_Model_Resource_Tag::loadByRequestPath()method as a reference.

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