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To get the user's IP I'm using:


I have a geo database with the following tables:


This is the table I'm interested in


start_ip | end_ip | location_id

33996344 | 33996351 | 16373
50331648 | 67166463 | 223


Above are just the first 2 records of the 1,866,401 rows in total in that table. I have no idea which geo database this is. Maybye MaxMind but not sure. I inherited this project from the client's previous developer who uploaded this database but didn't do anything with it yet. So I have no code samples to go on.

Can anyone please explain how I would get the location_id if my ip address happens to be:

Also does anyone recognize these table names so maybye I can find out which geo db this is.

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Thinking logically, you'd need to remove the dots from the ip and then do a SELECT location_id FROM blocks WHERE start_ip <= $your_ip AND end_ip >= $your_ip; –  favoretti Nov 30 '11 at 3:48

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IPv4 addresses are just 32bit integers, and you can use MySQL to convert a 'string' IP address to/from those ints via inet_ntoa() (number to ascii) and inet_aton() (ascii to number).

SELECT location_id
FROM yourtable
WHERE INET_ATON('') BETWEEN start_ip AND end_ip

would give you any matching location_id for that particular IP.

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