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So, I have a catch all route that is going to act like a vanity url piece. So, I have a call:

def show_profile

I'm seeing somewhat different info for how I should be handling the ActiveRecord::NotFound error. I just want it to return a template in shared/404.html.erb

How would I do this?

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You can to use in the application controller

rescue_from ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, :with => :record_not_found

def record_not_found
   # logger, flash[:error], render, redirect, etc if RAILS_ENV == "production"
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As I understood, if record not found, we need to show /shared/404.html.erb.

def show_profile
  url = VanityUrl.find_by_url!(params[:username]) rescue nil
  unless url
    render "#{RAILS_ROOT}/shared/404.html.erb"

Should work. Reference:

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