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Is there any way we can implement writing data in short amount of time?

Thanks in advance.

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Split it into several jobs that each pull out different parts of the data and write their corresponding csv files (map), then merge the csv files when you're done (reduce).

If you can, run the jobs on different machines, or on one (multi-core) machine and have the output writing to different disks.

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Thanks Bill Ill try that.... – Balasundaram Nov 30 '11 at 13:25

You need to look at the data and break it up into different parts using the row keys. Use the row keys to set the STARTROW and STOPROW properties of your scan.

Now that you have separate scans, you can run them in parallel from different boxes.

Psuedo code:

OutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream("C:\home\you\csvfiles\mycsvfile1.csv");
BufferedWriter wtrBuffer = new BufferedWriter(new OutputStreamWriter(stream, "UTF-8"));
CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(wtrBuffer, ',');

HTable myTable = null;
try {
      myTable = new HTable(myConfig, "myTable");
} catch (IOException e) {      

for (Result result : scanner) {
  if (result != null){
  // Just printing the keys because I don't know anything about your data

try {
    } catch (IOException e) {        


}catch(Exception ex){
finally {   
  System.out.println("Writing to disk...");
  System.out.println("Writing to disk...Complete");

This code uses opencsv:

Make sure you use a different filename for each scan process. You can have each process write to a shared folder/network store, or write local then copy to a network store. When all the processes are done, you can copy all the csv files (mycsvfile1...n.csv) to a single directory if you haven't already.

Then you can merge them into 1 file.

copy *.csv all.csv

Then open all.csv and you should have your file with 10 million rows.

You could also probably accomplish this using MR with a maponly job that writes to a file in hdfs.

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