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I am sending a request to webservice and am receiving correct response from web service in xml format with the correct value populated in the response element tage. Now I tried to unmarshal but the response object is being populated with null instead of the value I see in XML response.

Any obvious thing to check? This is my code:

InputSource outputSource = getWebServiceHelper().send(source,messageIdentifier);

JAXBElement<Envelope> responseEnv = (JAXBElement<Envelope>) getWebServiceHelper().unmarshal(new SAXSource(outputSource));
JAXBElement<ResponseObjectType> result = (JAXBElement<ResponseObjectType>)responseEnv.getValue().getBody().getAny().get(0); 

The moment second line executes, the response attribute is becoming null. Despite being correct between xml tags!

Thanks a ton. Chaitanya

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I found the solution myself through intense trial and error. Here is how I got it done.

Running xjc creates 4 classes namely ObjectFactory.java, package-info.java, class representing webservice request and class representing webservice response.

I overlooked to include package-info.java alongwith other 3 classes. This is the reason jaxb is unable to unmarshal the repsone.

If I dont include ObjectFactory.java, I get exception at server startup thrown by org.springframework.oxm.jaxb.Jaxb2Marshaller bean defined in spring context file so I know I have to include it. But not including package-info.java fails silently causing frustration!

I have read in Stackoverflow and elsewhere that for unmarshal() method to accept just one argument- javax.xml.transform.Source and unmarshal I need to use @XmlRootElement annotation but that doesn't seem to be applicable to my case.

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