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Is there an elegant way to find the nearest day of the week for a given date using JodaTime? I initially thought setCopy() would be it, but this sets the day to the particular day in the same week. Thus, if ld is 2011-11-27 and day is "Monday" the following function returns 2011-11-21, and not 2011-11-28 as I want.

    // Note that "day" can be _any_ day of the week, not just weekdays.
    LocalDate getNearestDayOfWeek(LocalDate ld, String day) {
        return ld.dayOfWeek().setCopy(day);

Desired output for various inputs:

2011-12-04, Monday    => 2011-12-05
2011-12-04, Tuesday   => 2011-12-06
2011-12-04, Wednesday => 2011-12-07
2011-12-04, Thursday  => 2011-12-01
2011-12-04, Friday    => 2011-12-02
2011-12-04, Saturday  => 2011-12-03
2011-12-04, Sunday    => 2011-12-04

2011-12-05, Monday    => 2011-12-05
2011-12-05, Tuesday   => 2011-12-06
2011-12-05, Wednesday => 2011-12-07
2011-12-05, Thursday  => 2011-12-08
2011-12-05, Friday    => 2011-12-02
2011-12-05, Saturday  => 2011-12-03
2011-12-05, Sunday    => 2011-12-04

Below is a work-around I came up with that works for the particular constraints in my current situation, but I'd love to get help find a completely generic solution that works always.

    LocalDate getNearestDayOfWeek(LocalDate ld, String day) {
        LocalDate target = ld.dayOfWeek().setCopy(day);
        if (ld.getDayOfWeek() > DateTimeConstants.SATURDAY) {
            target = target.plusWeeks(1);
        return target;
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possible duplicate of Joda-Time: How to get the next friday? –  RC. Nov 30 '11 at 6:09
I don't think so. That finds the next day, but I'd like to find the nearest day. –  Stig Brautaset Nov 30 '11 at 7:16
You need to define what you mean by "nearest" and "weekday" to be able to provide the right answer. Perhaps a table of expected input to output? –  JodaStephen Nov 30 '11 at 11:20
I'd love to, but that begs the question: How do I do a table in SO's Markdown? I could shell out to HTML, but I don't see the table tag supported. I suppose I'd have to use pre-formatted text? –  Stig Brautaset Dec 5 '11 at 8:23
Added a table of desired results. –  Stig Brautaset Dec 5 '11 at 14:58

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In Jodatime, this kind of thing should be doable with three or four lines:

   /** Given a reference LocalDate and a day of week, eg DateTimeConstants.MONDAY 
       Returns the nearest date with that day of week */
   public static LocalDate getNearestDayOfWeek(LocalDate t0,int dow) {
        LocalDate t1 = t0.withDayOfWeek(dow);
        LocalDate t2 = t1.isBefore(t0) ? t1.plusWeeks(1) : t1.minusWeeks(1);
        return  Math.abs(Days.daysBetween(t1, t0).getDays()) < 
                Math.abs(Days.daysBetween(t2, t0).getDays()) ? t1 : t2;

Or more compact and efficient:

public static LocalDate getNearestDayOfWeek(LocalDate t0, int dow) {
    LocalDate t1 = t0.withDayOfWeek(dow);
    if (t1.isBefore(t0.minusDays(3)))       return t1.plusWeeks(1);
    else if (t1.isAfter(t0.plusDays(3)))    return t1.minusWeeks(1);
    else return t1;

And if you want to pass the day-of-the-week as String:

public static LocalDate getNearestDayOfWeek(LocalDate t0, String dow) {
    return getNearestDayOfWeek(t0,t0.dayOfWeek().setCopy(dow).getDayOfWeek());


    // prints 2011-11-28
   public static  void  main(String[] args) throws Exception {
        LocalDate today = new LocalDate(2011,11,27);
        int dow = DateTimeConstants.MONDAY;
        System.out.println(getNearestDayOfWeek(today ,dow ));
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This is good. Strings makes sense in my particular situation. (I was dealing with name of day strings from a config file.) I agree that it's not the best in the general case. –  Stig Brautaset Dec 5 '11 at 15:03

Something like this. For the dayOfWeek parameter, use the constants defined in org.joda.time.DateTimeConstants:

public LocalDate getNext(int dayOfWeek) {
    LocalDate today = new LocalDate();
    return getNext(dateOfWeek, today);

public LocalDate getNext(int dayOfWeek, LocalDate fromDate) {
    int dayOffset = DateTimeConstants.DAYS_PER_WEEK - dayOfWeek + 1;
    LocalDate weekContainingDay = fromDate.plusDays(dayOffset);

    return weekContainingDay.withDayOfWeek(dayOfWeek);


LocalDate nextSunday = foo.getNext(DateTimeConstants.SUNDAY);
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This finds the nearest day of the week by defining an interval of closest days of the week. Joda defines a week as starting on Monday. So if today is Tuesday and the day of the week is set to Sunday, the date will be for the following Sunday, not the previous. If the first day of the week is redefined to be Sunday, the date returned will be for the previous Sunday. The following code isn't effected by the definition of the first day of the week.

DateTime getNearestDayOfWeek(DateTime dateTime, String day) {
  //Create an interval containing the nearest days of the week.
  DateTime begin = dateTime.minusHours(DateTimeConstants.HOURS_PER_WEEK/2).dayOfWeek().roundHalfCeilingCopy();
  DateTime end   = dateTime.plusHours(DateTimeConstants.HOURS_PER_WEEK/2).dayOfWeek().roundHalfCeilingCopy();
  Interval interval = new Interval(begin, end);

  //Adjust nearest day to be within the interval. Doesn't depend on definition of first day of the week.
  DateTime nearest  = dateTime.dayOfWeek().setCopy(day);
  if (interval.isAfter(nearest))  //nearest is before the interval
    return nearest.plusWeeks(1);
  else if (interval.isBefore(nearest))  //nearest is after the interval
    return nearest.minusWeeks(1);
    return nearest;
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An interesting alternative way to go about it. –  Stig Brautaset Dec 7 '11 at 0:55

Here is an approach to the problem. I know a little bit about JodaTime, but not all the classes and methods. I'm assuming that given a date, you can get the day of the week and the next or previous dates.

There are three cases.

  1. The dayOfTheWeek for a particular date is a weekday. Return date.
  2. The dayOfTheWeekis Saturday. Subtract 1 day from your date. Return the date - 1 day.
  3. The dayOfTheWeekis Sunday. Add 1 day to your date. Return the date + one day.

If dayOfTheWeek is an enumerated type, then a case statement would handle the task in a straight forward manner.

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I think you misunderstood my question. Your algorithm seems to find the nearest weekday, which is not what I want. Rather, for any given date I want to be able to ask "what's the nearest Monday? Tuesday? Saturday?" I edited my question to make this clear. –  Stig Brautaset Nov 30 '11 at 8:50
@stig-brautaset: Yes, I did. I thought I might have when I wrote the answer, but figured a wrong answer might help get a right one :-) I'll try again later. –  Richard Povinelli Nov 30 '11 at 14:25

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