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Markdown is important for documentation, it is very nice to see README.md can be automatically show in html format in github like https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap/blob/master/README.md

gitweb is written in perl script, and there is plugin for markdown in perl already.

I want to check whether there is plugin/solution to let gitweb automatically show html files for markdown format.

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Here's something you can stick somewhere under sub git_summary in your gitweb.perl or gitweb.cgi. Note that it depends on an external markdown executable.

if (!$prevent_xss) {
    $file_name = "README.md";
    my $proj_head_hash = git_get_head_hash($project);
    my $readme_blob_hash = git_get_hash_by_path($proj_head_hash, "README.md", "blob");

    if ($readme_blob_hash) { # if README.md exists                                                                                                                                                      
        print "<div class=\"header\">readme</div>\n";
        print "<div class=\"readme page_body\">"; # TODO find/create a better CSS class than page_body                                                                                                  

        my $cmd_markdownify = $GIT . " " . git_cmd() . " cat-file blob " . $readme_blob_hash . " | markdown |";
        open FOO, $cmd_markdownify or die_error(500, "Open git-cat-file blob '$hash' failed");
        while (<FOO>) {
            print $_;

        print "</div>";

I don't really know Perl, so this is a dirty hack more than anything else, but it works.

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Hello, seems to work despite two small issues : if your README.md file contains code that use tag (xml, html, ...) it must be xhtml strict valid. You should write <link ... /> not <link ...>. The second issue, is more likely a conversion issue. All files/servers are in UTF-8 but after markdown conversion I got bad encoding characters Ce module, codé en AngularJS à –  Patrick Ferreira Mar 18 at 10:00

I use following post-receive hook in my remote repositories which are made browsable with gitweb.

# Post-receive hook script which generates README.html to git-dir from
# README.md found at the head of master branch in repository.
# Gitweb can read the README.html and embed it to the project summary page.

git cat-file blob HEAD:README.md | markdown > $GIT_DIR/README.html

That script is run when I push commits from my local work repositories to the remote bare ones. You could use that or something similar depending on your workflow/setup.

More information about git hooks: http://book.git-scm.com/5_git_hooks.html

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I use this tampermonkey script in chrome to render README.md files as html, directly in gitweb: https://gist.github.com/nemoo/ee47cd9ad2a5b4fdddfa Works nicely even if you do not have access to the gitweb server.

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