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When I use my laptop's trackpad I want acceleration on, but when I have a mouse plugged in I normally want it off. I couldn't find a fast way to make the change, so I'd like to make a simple application that lets you switch it on or off at the press of a button. Does anyone know of a way to disable or enable mouse acceleration in Windows either via some sort of COM or system function (any language), or a command line program?

For clarification, here is the setting I'd like to change:

Mouse acceleration

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Sorry for the slow response, I'm a new member:

Nate, I was able to find a Mouse Acceleration Toggler.

However, I wrote my own two scripts and have uploaded them to my dropbox. Click here to download

With my scripts, you will be able to toggle. If you think the speed is off, change speed in both of the .bat files (it should be obvious how to do this)

I will try to do some more research and edit if I can make the scripts run off of hotkeys.

Thanks, Alexander Piechowski

EDIT: What's the easiest way to make a hotkey for windows?

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